Seat and backrest are identical and differ only for the thickness. The result is a tall backrest and a soft seat characterised by rat tail finishes on the edges, which integrates the essential structure in dark wood. Its place is in areas where the stool is a must, where the counter plays the main role and the stool brings higher all the comfort of the armchair.

Steel, a spaceship with a colourful soul

STEEL is the archetype of the stool. It’s hard to imagine something more essential and perfect at the same time. It flies thanks to a black metal structure consisting of four slender legs retained by the circle of the footrest and base of the cushion. The cushion is its colourful soul that, thanks to the evanescence of the base, floats as a spaceship in an ultra-colourful invasion, like a smarties shower. It takes part in all celebrations with strong personality. It wears total black with nonchalance without neglecting colourful follies and very personal patterns. It loves the company of its peers.

The stool, from everyday object to shining star

The stool, of all the seats, is the one that has changed the most in recent decades. From Hollywood to the kitchen counter at home, the leap is not that small. From an everyday object to the shining star, from an uncomfortable seat to an icon of communication, from a useless object to an essential seat, breakfast, lunch, brunch, tea, supper, dinner… all strictly English. Yet, it was precisely us Italians who transformed it into a pop icon. From Castiglioni to Menphis we coloured it, deconstructed it, remade it and remade it again, until it took centre stage, transforming it into a sculpture, a game, multiple for furnishing everything. Extraordinary magic, with stools like Emerald, able to leave play and colours for elegant artisan finishes and the comfort of an armchair. But everything is always up there, higher, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of our emotions.