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Living room chairs, with armrests or without?

Would you like chairs with armrests for your living room?
We all thought about this option when the rooms are spacious and tables allow for it. Objections may be raised. Chairs without armrests are the solution if you are looking for chairs easy to use and move around, lighter and easy to carry. “Pozzetto” armchairs, when the height of the armrests does not exceed 65/67 cm and can be easily stored under the tables, offer utmost comfort to the user. A pleasant and enveloping support, an appealing definition of the space and proximity with other diners, a comfortable back that helps keeping the ideal posture when dialoguing at the table. Beautiful sensations.
In narrow spaces, armrests must be eliminated from your fantasies, or at least, retracted considerably. Certain advantages will be lost in favour of greater freedom of movement of the guests and easier management of the chairs.
Sit comfortably and bon appetit!
In both cases, our choice will always ensure a magnificent vision of the room, management facility, utmost comfort and beauty, thanks to ELLEDUE chairs.