BETELGEUSE, convivial table with prestigious details

Square table of small sizes, BETELGEUSE is essential and refined in the details. Iron painted with bronze powders for the central support column that lies on a base characterised by a sought-after design, with a cross inscribed in a circle. In the square top, the slab in white marble framed by dark wood and bordered by a brass profile, are as detailed as the base. Multiplied in living rooms, bars and elegant convivial places, BETELGEUSE always gives an important contribution to the prestige of the arrangements.

NASH, The mathematic pouf, always right

Nash is a beautiful 45x45x45 cube that could seem a toy if it wasn’t for the elegant capitonné stitching. The name immediately reminds of the mathematician John Nash, who became famous for the amazing academy award winning movie “A Beautiful Mind”, interpreted by Russel Crowe, more than for his studies on game theory, for which he won the Nobel prize for Economics. And our Nash, the pouf, is always at the right place. It doesn’t matter how you turn it, it always shows its 5 cross buttons like a surreal die rolled in a dream hand.
NASH is the ideal pouf for thousand occasions.
Large waiting spaces where to create aggregations, paths, geometries. Playful feature, occasional and alternative seat, sculptural element that can be matched to endless compositions and colours. Foot-rest, bedside table, low table, modular bench…. NASH, it’s a beautiful game.

Materials and details

Every ELLEDUE creation is built following the functional and aesthetic lines dictated by an idea, a basic concept developed and defined by a detailed design. With the prototype in hand we choose the details, the type of sewing, the finishes for the edges, the topstitching, the accessories and above all the upholstery materials. Fabrics produced by the most highly regarded Italian companies in infinite textured weaves, in thousands of patterns and colours which make it possible for us to create combinations, contrasts and variations that transform every object into a new creative invention suitable for all moods. From the most classic to the most innovative, from playful transgressions to bon ton.
Decor for every space and occasion.

STARR, a compelling illusion

Magically disproportionate STARR is a consolle, a high table, a shelf that floats in nothingness. A clean design, a long and narrow yet thick top resting on a delicate black painted metal structure. A classic multi-purpose structure that can transform a space, put it in order and turn it upside down. An insuperable barrier that directs and marks pathways, a landing spot for odd items, a sculpture, a display object. Multiplied it can give life to infinite wanderings, scenographic inventions, suggestions and at the same time become a functional surface for selling, showing, greeting, serving. Its glass top reflects slivers of the world, light and colour abstracts, magic emerging from the shadows.
A compelling illusion.

EVA, a swaying flower

Like a flower that sways in the wind and follows the sun. Eva is a semi-swivel armchair with a soft round seat and corolla-shaped backrest, the petals of which are profiled with rat tail topstitching as are the edges of the round cushion. The stable base ensures a soft, pleasant rotation to the right and to the left from the centre position. A lulling sensation in a gentle swaying movement, or else a decisive movement to embrace a broader horizon, to avoid an obstacle like a table when standing up or sitting down or simply to be able to move more freely. Elegant and comfortable with that additional movement that hints at freedom.

look at EVA

Europa has rounded corners and divides the ranks of architects

Corners, rounded edges have always divided architects into two opposing factions, just like angels. On one side the good ones, the purists, those who maintain – an edge is an edge for goodness sake! And they sharpen them like razor blades. – On the other side the bad guys, those who say – who cares about the edges – and insert curves at every possible change of direction. In the middle there are the few who ponder for hours about what to do. Europa is a square (in every sense of the word) coffee table but with all its curves in the right place. The four quarter-circular metal legs, with their golden elegance, contain the wooden top and create a perfectly square shape. Low service table for the lounge room, relaxation or waiting areas or as an elegant bedside table.

Tallin, the chair, icon, idea, essence

Tallin is what we all imagine a chair to be. Simple, compact, elegant, light, the essence of one of those objects that more than any others represents our everyday life. Natural or walnut-coloured beechwood frame, or lacquered in the colour of your choice. Leather, eco leather and fabric upholstery options as per our sample book. Multiplied in many different colours it adds life to your own very original palette.

The materials for Madison

The materials used for Madison are reminiscent of sailing ships, sea, refined finishes, tales of adventure… of weapons of war and of loves. A touch of bon ton from yesteryear is undoubtedly due to the combination of brass, dark wood and precious fabrics. The enveloping backrest and the soft shape of the seat intensify, if at all possible, the sense of immersion into a fantastic world. The slightest thing can change everything. Clear contrasts, white walls, vast windows … Madison can be part of all stories, change any project, make you dream…

With Giammarco Levorato in Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2021

Elledue this year sponsors Giammarco Levorato in Porsche Carrera Cup Italia, exciting single-brand championship, who took to the track at Imola for the third round, in July 24-25.
Just in Imola everything started with the first test of the season, then continuing with the Misano races (June 4-6) , and in Mugello (July 2-4).
The surprising rookie Giammarco Levorato showed great performances from the beginning, gaining trust and sympathy for the skills of determination and confidence shown in the race. So that, for the second time this year, Giammarco has been selected from TAG Heuer and Porsche Carrera Cup Italia for the “Don’t Crack Under Pressure Moment”: a special mention for the driver how best demonstrates to react in the most intense moments of competition.

Help us make Giammarco win!
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