The materials for Madison

The materials used for Madison are reminiscent of sailing ships, sea, refined finishes, tales of adventure… of weapons of war and of loves. A touch of bon ton from yesteryear is undoubtedly due to the combination of brass, dark wood and precious fabrics. The enveloping backrest and the soft shape of the seat intensify, if at all possible, the sense of immersion into a fantastic world. The slightest thing can change everything. Clear contrasts, white walls, vast windows … Madison can be part of all stories, change any project, make you dream…

Elledue at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America

Double compared to the launch edition Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America will be held in the Miami Beach Convention Center from 28 to 29 October 2021.
Elledue will also double its exhibition space offering the most representative objects of its contract collection dedicated to restaurants, bars, waiting areas and suites.
We look forward to combining the unmistakable quality of our objects with your creativity
At Miami Beach Convention Center

ELLEDUE, the Contract and the tailor-made sectors

Organisation, quality, service

We offer the best custom solutions and contract projects for any sector, from Cruise ships to Hotellerie, from the furniture of work spaces to management offices and resting areas. We build furniture for important entrepreneurial projects, ensuring high quantitative and qualitative standards, respecting delivery times and procedures.
In detail, ELLEDUE takes part in important contract projects because:

– we use quality raw materials

– we feature total control over production phases

– we work with highly qualified artisans

– we execute certified quality checks

– we manage projects from beginning to end, from the order acquisition to the shipment of the products

– we meet delivery deadlines
– we guarantee total confidentiality with regards to Clients’ projects.

ELLEDUE boasts the necessary characteristics to manage complex projects.

We are able to dialogue with designers, architects and clients, we translate the client’s needs to technicians who have the skills to experiment and find new solutions.
We feature suitable technologies to produce high-quality objects and maintain the product quality constant.
ELLEDUE is able to organise production with flexibility in order to handle changes and variants during the work process and always meet the deadlines.