Craftsmanship, culture, balance…

There are endless ways to create a beautiful, useful, exciting object that gratifies at least a part of us. We do not always want the same things. We need warmth, materials that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch, artisan craftsmanship that is so splendid in its tiny imperfections. Shapes known since the dawn of time, made and remade in different ways. In another place, in another time, we want novelty, transgression, play, invention by invention, colour. Elsewhere we want to enjoy the emptiness, the void, rarefied forms and materials, evanescent colours, straight lines and essential curves. Kiev is good warmth. Tobacco colour, honey, tea, scent of cinnamon, wood and leather. Looking at Kiev and seeing hands that know how to feel, to sew, to stretch, to pull, to give shape, to fold. Kiev is the backrest that continues its curve into the back legs, perfect cording that envelops the wood and defines the shapes. Kiev is craftsmanship, culture, balance open to sudden variations, to mix with bright colours, shiny surfaces, antique carpets, stones, copper, steel, glass… for endless new designs.

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