Furnish, that’s it!

There are meaningless spaces in just about every building. Long corridors, distribution hubs, entrance halls, vestibules, nooks … It is this lack of meaning that makes you want to throw down an exclamation mark. There are three types of objects that seem to have been made specifically to transform those spaces. Some tables, the right ottomans and mirrors. Perseo has the power to crystallize a space, to focus attention and to define a path. It is a small sculpture table which on its own can give meaning to a space. Perfect replicated in swarms, to trace long straight lines, to mark the setting for an appointment with destiny, the place for a spritz!

The armchair for summer

We are finally enjoying warm weather but we do want to be as fresh as a daisy so that the heat can do what it’s meant to do without feeling too guilty, it can give us a tan and make us dream, mesmerize us with desert mirages and blue skies… that’s why Dolores displays tantalising transparencies and invites us to imagine brightly-coloured ice-cold aperitifs. A shady spot, a good book, cicadas or music from a distant party.
So… we can choose Dolores as our preferred armchair for the summer or we can laze on the grass…
and that’s summer.
Brighten up any space with Dolores.

Elledue at Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America

Double compared to the launch edition Cruise Ship Interiors Expo America will be held in the Miami Beach Convention Center from 28 to 29 October 2021.
Elledue will also double its exhibition space offering the most representative objects of its contract collection dedicated to restaurants, bars, waiting areas and suites.
We look forward to combining the unmistakable quality of our objects with your creativity
At Miami Beach Convention Center


RIGEL is light

The matter of light is stone with hints of lapis lazuli, chromed steel, shiny reflections of geometric shapes on the frescoed wall for three centuries. Rigel is much more than a small round table, it is an object so slender and strong as to disappear and reappear upon the passing of a cloud. It is made of symmetries and centralities but its shadows escape along infinite perspectives. Table top, bedside table, sculpture, point, sign …

The shapes of Time

Let’s think of giving shape to time with the illusion of containing it, measuring it, possessing it in some way. Thus, “ancient” and “modern” become categories within which to seek a bit of everything. It depends how it turns. Yesterday, every curl was ancient, seventeenth-century, baroque or thereabouts. Today, it surpasses all forms of modern and becomes post-modern, in the era in which everything is post-something. Details, curved lines, colour or absence of colour. Mixing, de-contextualising, displacing, that is the game, all shapes, all colours find their space. Everyone plays in their own way. All architects, when they can, invent their own rules; otherwise they play with those that exist. Elledue offers infinite variations so that in every contract project, the professionalism, creativity and identity of the designers, fitters and clients can stand out. Like Moskow [nota: lo spelling di Mosca in inglese è Moscow]White Edition, every Elledue creation invents a new worl

Bread jam and fantasy

“Fantasy is like jam, it must be spread on a solid slice of bread” Italo Calvino

Craftsmanship, culture, balance…

There are endless ways to create a beautiful, useful, exciting object that gratifies at least a part of us. We do not always want the same things. We need warmth, materials that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch, artisan craftsmanship that is so splendid in its tiny imperfections. Shapes known since the dawn of time, made and remade in different ways. In another place, in another time, we want novelty, transgression, play, invention by invention, colour. Elsewhere we want to enjoy the emptiness, the void, rarefied forms and materials, evanescent colours, straight lines and essential curves. Kiev is good warmth. Tobacco colour, honey, tea, scent of cinnamon, wood and leather. Looking at Kiev and seeing hands that know how to feel, to sew, to stretch, to pull, to give shape, to fold. Kiev is the backrest that continues its curve into the back legs, perfect cording that envelops the wood and defines the shapes. Kiev is craftsmanship, culture, balance open to sudden variations, to mix with bright colours, shiny surfaces, antique carpets, stones, copper, steel, glass… for endless new designs.

The stool, from everyday object to shining star

The stool, of all the seats, is the one that has changed the most in recent decades. From Hollywood to the kitchen counter at home, the leap is not that small. From an everyday object to the shining star, from an uncomfortable seat to an icon of communication, from a useless object to an essential seat, breakfast, lunch, brunch, tea, supper, dinner… all strictly English. Yet, it was precisely us Italians who transformed it into a pop icon. From Castiglioni to Menphis we coloured it, deconstructed it, remade it and remade it again, until it took centre stage, transforming it into a sculpture, a game, multiple for furnishing everything. Extraordinary magic, with stools like Emerald, able to leave play and colours for elegant artisan finishes and the comfort of an armchair. But everything is always up there, higher, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of our emotions.

A blue world

We work for the world we want. A blue world like the immensity of the oceans that we want to keep crossing with the large ships that we furnish. Blue like the infinite sky to be crossed with planes that continue to bring us all together in one big world. Blue like the colour full of freshness, of serenity and of life that we have chosen for our Orvieto chair.

ELLEDUE, the Contract and the tailor-made sectors

Organisation, quality, service

We offer the best custom solutions and contract projects for any sector, from Cruise ships to Hotellerie, from the furniture of work spaces to management offices and resting areas. We build furniture for important entrepreneurial projects, ensuring high quantitative and qualitative standards, respecting delivery times and procedures.
In detail, ELLEDUE takes part in important contract projects because:

– we use quality raw materials

– we feature total control over production phases

– we work with highly qualified artisans

– we execute certified quality checks

– we manage projects from beginning to end, from the order acquisition to the shipment of the products

– we meet delivery deadlines
– we guarantee total confidentiality with regards to Clients’ projects.

ELLEDUE boasts the necessary characteristics to manage complex projects.

We are able to dialogue with designers, architects and clients, we translate the client’s needs to technicians who have the skills to experiment and find new solutions.
We feature suitable technologies to produce high-quality objects and maintain the product quality constant.
ELLEDUE is able to organise production with flexibility in order to handle changes and variants during the work process and always meet the deadlines.