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SEOUL, simple, like all beautiful things that just work.

Minimalist geometries for Seoul, round seat and enveloping backrest on long conical legs. Simple, like all beautiful things that just work. Contrasting upholstery for front and rear of the backrest. The bridging hole at the base of the backrest provides a comfortable grip for handling the chair. Elegant, comfortable, functional, perfect for dining rooms, bars, […]

ITALIA, for elegant dining rooms

C Featuring a slim backrest framed by two sloping slides that in the armchair version become actual armrests whereas in the side chair version they come to a dramatic end half way along the seat. Notwithstanding the linearity of the squared structure in dark wood, the variations in thickness, the curvature of the back legs […]


Seat and backrest are identical and differ only for the thickness. The result is a tall backrest and a soft seat characterised by rat tail finishes on the edges, which integrates the essential structure in dark wood. Its place is in areas where the stool is a must, where the counter plays the main role […]

Steel, a spaceship with a colourful soul

STEEL is the archetype of the stool. It’s hard to imagine something more essential and perfect at the same time. It flies thanks to a black metal structure consisting of four slender legs retained by the circle of the footrest and base of the cushion. The cushion is its colourful soul that, thanks to the […]

BETELGEUSE, convivial table with prestigious details

Square table of small sizes, BETELGEUSE is essential and refined in the details. Iron painted with bronze powders for the central support column that lies on a base characterised by a sought-after design, with a cross inscribed in a circle. In the square top, the slab in white marble framed by dark wood and bordered […]

NASH, The mathematic pouf, always right

Nash is a beautiful 45x45x45 cube that could seem a toy if it wasn’t for the elegant capitonné stitching. The name immediately reminds of the mathematician John Nash, who became famous for the amazing academy award winning movie “A Beautiful Mind”, interpreted by Russel Crowe, more than for his studies on game theory, for which […]

Materials and details

Every ELLEDUE creation is built following the functional and aesthetic lines dictated by an idea, a basic concept developed and defined by a detailed design. With the prototype in hand we choose the details, the type of sewing, the finishes for the edges, the topstitching, the accessories and above all the upholstery materials. Fabrics produced […]

STARR, a compelling illusion

Magically disproportionate STARR is a consolle, a high table, a shelf that floats in nothingness. A clean design, a long and narrow yet thick top resting on a delicate black painted metal structure. A classic multi-purpose structure that can transform a space, put it in order and turn it upside down. An insuperable barrier that […]