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RIGEL is light

The matter of light is stone with hints of lapis lazuli, chromed steel, shiny reflections of geometric shapes on the frescoed wall for three centuries. Rigel is much more than a small round table, it is an object so slender and strong as to disappear and reappear upon the passing of a cloud. It is […]

The shapes of Time

Let’s think of giving shape to time with the illusion of containing it, measuring it, possessing it in some way. Thus, “ancient” and “modern” become categories within which to seek a bit of everything. It depends how it turns. Yesterday, every curl was ancient, seventeenth-century, baroque or thereabouts. Today, it surpasses all forms of modern […]

Craftsmanship, culture, balance …

There are endless ways to create a beautiful, useful, exciting object that gratifies at least a part of us. We do not always want the same things. We need warmth, materials that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch, artisan craftsmanship that is so splendid in its tiny imperfections. Shapes known since the […]

The stool, from everyday object to shining star

The stool, of all the seats, is the one that has changed the most in recent decades. From Hollywood to the kitchen counter at home, the leap is not that small. From an everyday object to the shining star, from an uncomfortable seat to an icon of communication, from a useless object to an essential […]

A blue world

We work for the world we want. A blue world like the immensity of the oceans that we want to keep crossing with the large ships that we furnish. Blue like the infinite sky to be crossed with planes that continue to bring us all together in one big world. Blue like the colour full […]

ELLEDUE, the Contract and the tailor-made sectors

Organisation, quality, service We offer the best custom solutions and contract projects for any sector, from Cruise ships to Hotellerie, from the furniture of work spaces to management offices and resting areas. We build furniture for important entrepreneurial projects, ensuring high quantitative and qualitative standards, respecting delivery times and procedures.In detail, ELLEDUE takes part in […]

We make beautiful, long-lasting products!

That’s all we know how to do The biggest shipowners are well aware of this, who furnished restaurants, bars, congress halls and cabins of their ships with our chairs. Specialised in the Cruise ship world and experts in Hotellerie and Retail, public spaces, accommodations, furnishing of work and leisure environments, ELLEDUE proposes an assorted catalogue […]

The lunch of wonders

Living room chairs, with armrests or without? Would you like chairs with armrests for your living room?We all thought about this option when the rooms are spacious and tables allow for it. Objections may be raised. Chairs without armrests are the solution if you are looking for chairs easy to use and move around, lighter […]